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St Louis MO holds TNBfest, thanks to Wal Mart nigger lovers

How many shootings will there be?

How many rapes will there be?

How many fights will there be?

Princeton Machiavelli, Vickie Valentino and Aja LaStar are more than just fabulous names. They’re the identities of some of the many drag queens performing in this year’s St. Louis Black Pride festival for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and its allies.

The schedule also includes include a Friday awards ceremony, Saturday literary event and Sunday champagne brunch, followed by the Sunday afternoon and evening outdoor festival in Benton Park. A full list of activities is available at

So they are ready to get their down-low muh dick on.

I wonder what their “literary event” will be like.

It’s being sponsored by the nigger lovers at Wal Mart.




It’s a plethora of TNB! It’s a veritable cornucopia of monkeyshines!

This is in Zimbabwe. It could be Detroit. In fact, it WILL be Detroit.

Just look at it.

Here are some headlines. These are all from todays home page. I didn’t have to cherry-pick anything.

Girl faints as a huge black snake suckles her breast

A 17-year-old girl got the shock of her life when she was shown a big black snake and fainted before waking up…

Mt. Pleasant High School girl spents night in the morgue as doctor certifies her dead

A Sixth Form pupil (name supplied) from Mount Pleasant High School in…

Zimbabwean men cry foul as women turn to vagina tightening creams

Forget about skin lightening creams which have made otherwise dark women “fair”. …

Another rape ape preacher shows the muh-dicking lubs of jebus to a teenaper

Here’s another nigger pastor that can’t keep it in its pants. One thing about niggers is that they never let the chance of a muh-dicking go to waste.

Joseph Jermaine Spencer, 26, was charged with rape by force or fear, unlawful intercourse with a minor at least three years younger than the defendant, oral copulation with a minor and sexual penetration with a foreign object.

The charges stem from an alleged encounter in April at Spencer’s Murrieta apartment with a 16-year-old member of the choir he directed at Mountain View Community Church in Temecula (CA).

I wonder if this was consensual. Sheboons are just as fixated on their muh-poosies as bucks are on their muh-dicks. A 16 year old boon, in a couple of years, can be a grand-mammy.

And let me tell you, there is nothing as repulsive as a sheboon trying to muh-poosie me. Nothing even comes close. It makes my skin crawl.


Another nigger pastor got its muh-dick on with Apefreakin born sheboon.

Rape Ape

Rape Ape

The Aurora Colorado nogs name is Isaac K. Aryee, and the jury deliberated for a WHOLE HOUR. Which means that they took a vote, and then played a few hands of poker to kill some time.

I’m sure that the bucks testilying on its own behalf aided the jury in its decision. The article doesn’t say anything about the jury laughing out loud at its story, but I wouldn’t doubt it if someone said that it happened.

On Monday, Isaac K. Aryee, 43, was convicted on one count of sexual assault on a child using force, one count of sexual assault on a child with a pattern of abuse and three counts of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, according to the Denver district attorney’s office.

This rape ape can get a lifetime scholarship at NU, if things go well.


Fresno rape ape muh dick “pastor” says ‘It bees a coon-spiracy!”

Nigger Donald Lockhart thinks it’s perfectly OK to get its muh-dick on at its “church” anytime it wants to, whether the sheboon wants it or not.

To say otherwise is proof of a coonspiracy by the city of Fresno CA. How dare they tell a “pastor” who he can muh-dick and who he can’t. Dat bees raciss ‘n sheet!

Lockhart runs the Central Community Development Center out of the building. The non-profit has tried to build condominiums as transitional housing for homeless people getting off the streets. Action News was there when they broke ground in Dec. 2008, but take a look at it now, almost three years later. A pile of trash sits in a vacant yard next to several unfinished condos. Lockhart says police and the city of Fresno are making it impossible to finish.

“They don’t want the homeless brought right here to the heart of the city, southeast,” Lockhart said, in a hilarious attempt to distract.

So this nigger has the anti-midas touch in that everything they get their filthy monkey paws on turns to shit.

But it’s Fresno’s fault!