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Nigger tenderizes, burns, and plans on ghetto-lobsterizing its niglet.

Ghetto Lobster chef

Nigger James Moss, 53, said “Ize bees guilty”  Tuesday to torturing its niglet because it “thought” the glit dun sto’  $20 from its wallet. Moss faces up to seven years in Nigger University for the attack on its little felon-in-training.

Rape ape Moss took off the niglets clothes, dragged it into the kitchen, tenderized it with a spatula, lit the stove and burned its hands (I guess the skin interferes with the cooking process), punched it in the face (more tenderizing I guess) and  then tossed it in the oven, telling the glit “Ize gunna burn youze alive muh-fugga!”

But the dumbass forgot to turn on the oven. How did it  expect to eat ghetto lobster for supper without cooking it?

And what is it with niggers and fire? Scalding their hell-spawn is also an option that many of these primates take advantage of when they get mad at their young.



Crash and burn, baby! What I see happening during week 1.

Some, if not most, are so afraid of a market crash that they refuse to even consider the ramifications of an economic meltdown. It is too terrifying to contemplate.

I have no such fear.

I contemplate this all the time.

Thinking about it makes me smile. That is because it means the end of the Great American nigger Problem. Only when this problem is solved can we rebuild.

Our system is so corrupt that it is beyond repair. A system this corrupt is simply not sustainable. It’s not a matter of  if  it will crash, but when it will crash. A substantial portion of this corruption is the governments paying off the niggers. I consider it to be nothing more than blackmail payments (pun not intended)

We humans (includes everyone except niggers, which aren’t human at all) have a flaw. We prefer to give others, even these subhuman niggers,  the benefit of the doubt. We are so kind-hearted that some will continue giving these apes the benefit of that doubt even as they are being raped and murdered.

It is this flaw that will be refined out of the human gene pool when it all comes crashing down. Those that have this flaw will change or die. Can’t say that I’ll miss them. Some people are just too stupid to live.

Everyone that contemplates these things has their own scenarios of what they think will happen when civilization comes  tumbling down. There are differences, but there are no right or wrong answers because it hasn’t happened yet.

Here is what I believe will happen when the government can no longer pay their nigger hush money.

Day 1) The niggers notice that they didn’t get “dey monies”. Phone lines are tied up from nogs calling the welfare offices. Promises are made to the rape apes in order to delay the inevitable. I imagine that the promises will be something like “Congress is working on the problem and it will be fixed momentarily”. This lie will be endlessly echoed by the lamestream media.

Racially aware humans start getting ready for what they know is coming.

Day 2) Niggers have started to run out of “patience”. They are starting to suffer from fried chicken and grape drank withdrawals.

There are lines being drawn between human and nigger cops. Human police are quick to respond to monkeyshines but the apefirmative inaction shitskin cops are more hesitant.

Governors begin secret mobilizations of their National Guards. But the NG has the same problems that the police have in that there are niggers in the NG units as well.

Day 3) Niggers start demonstrating. And just as surely as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, getting a group of shitskins together guarantees violence. Once that violence starts, it will spread quickly.

News of this violence will be suppressed by the lamestream media, but they can’t suppress the internet. They might try to shut down the internet, but that is an automatic “get dressed to kill, and lock and load” situation for people like us. They better not try that. We will not believe any excuses that they offer for an internet shutdown.

Day 4-6) Racial war is starting within police and military units that are tasked with silencing the rampaging niggers. Those that depend on cops for protection will find themselves to be quite dead; another victory for Darwin.

Those patriots that are worried about martial law will have nothing to fear. The government will have their own problems. Sucks to be them…

Widespread violence, fires, looting are in full swing.

Nigger hunting season starts. There is no bag limit. Anyone that gets in the way is  cruisin’ for a bruisin’, and that includes any cops that survive the niggers violence.

Even white-guilter libtards start to get worried and start looking to us for protection. To them I say “Either come back with a nigger scalp or don’t come back at all.”

Day 7) No more food on the store shelves anywhere. Everything has shut down.

The murder monkeys begin attacking whitey outside of the cities. They don’t get very far. There are more prepared people waiting for them than they can ever know. And, unlike niggers, we know how to shoot.

These are just the highlights for what I see happening on week 1.

It’s a plethora of TNB! It’s a veritable cornucopia of monkeyshines!

This is in Zimbabwe. It could be Detroit. In fact, it WILL be Detroit.

Just look at it.

Here are some headlines. These are all from todays home page. I didn’t have to cherry-pick anything.

Girl faints as a huge black snake suckles her breast

A 17-year-old girl got the shock of her life when she was shown a big black snake and fainted before waking up…

Mt. Pleasant High School girl spents night in the morgue as doctor certifies her dead

A Sixth Form pupil (name supplied) from Mount Pleasant High School in…

Zimbabwean men cry foul as women turn to vagina tightening creams

Forget about skin lightening creams which have made otherwise dark women “fair”. …

Vile sheboon tells its sister “You body bees all wrinkly ‘n’ shee-it! Ize fix dat fo’ you!”

A corrections officer charged with assault and battery in the first degree was released from jail Thursday on a $25,000 surety bond, according to the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said 30-year-old Natasha Livingston burned her sister’s face and arms with a hot steam iron Tuesday during an argument. He said the 20-year-old victim suffered second-degree burns to her leg, face and arms.

“In my 24 years in law enforcement, this ranks as one of the more horrific cases of siblings fighting with such devastating injuries,” said Sheriff Ravenell. “This is an unfortunate incident that escalated quickly into a criminal act that could have been avoided.”

I can see that the sheriff has not had much experience with their monkeyshines.

What was the argument over? I don’t know. Does it matter? Did one sheboon steal the others weave? Try to muh-poosie her babydaddy? Take the last piece of KFC?


4 niggers shot, one made good(?) at Cleveland “concert” by some ridiculous looking shitskin calling itself “george clinton”.

nigger clinton, wearing a diaper

Clinton performed at something called the eighth annual “Unity in the Park” festival, a free, day-long music event, which featured George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic as the headlining act.

A nigger wearing a diaper. That’s EDGY! What will they think of next?

I guess toilet training a nog really is impossible.

It was not immediately clear how many people were involved in the fighting nor what prompted it, Morris said.

They’ll never figure that out. Just save yourselves a big headache and chalk it up to TNB. That’s all it is anyway; Typical Nigger Behavior.


Nigger soldier blames diet for its murdering a human Sgt. Jury tells it to fuck off, youse be guilty, muh’fugga

valmont The Nigger

A fat shitskin that is called Staff Sgt. rashad valmont is told to go on a diet. Naturally, this leads to a Cat 5 chimpout. “Naturally”, to a nigger that is.  There is never any understandable cause for a nigger to be violent, because it is in their nature to be violent.

This useless ape murdered a human, Master Sgt. Pedro Mercado. He was shot 6 times by this filthy nog.

For this, the porch monkey gets a lifetime scholarship to NU. They should just take it out back and put a bullet in its head and be done with it. Violent dogs are put down. Violent shitskins need to be put down too.

Valmont’s attorneys acknowledged he shot Mercado, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, six times in his office. But they argued Valmont was delirious from not eating after a different supervisor days earlier ordered him to shed 3 percent of his body fat in a hurry.

Niggers are BORN delirious.


Niggers praising jebus

Greensboro NC flash mob, Described by the lamestream media as “youths” and “violent teens”.

“Youths” and “teens”, as the terms relate to flash mobs, are lamestream media code words for NIGGERS.

It isn’t white or asian teens that are doing this.

It’s happening all over the nation in places like Chicago, Milwaukee and Philadelphia. Now, it’s happening right here in the Triad.
Greensboro police say mobs of violent teens are meeting up on the weekends and wreaking havoc downtown. Police say it’s getting worse each weekend.

I see only one solution. Call it the “Final Solution to the nigger question”. Meet violence with violence.
The next time these niggers go on a rampage, kill them. Don’t play with them, dont try to arrest them, shoot them. Since niggers only understand force and violence, then speak to them in the only language they understand.

Otherwise, be prepared for even more nigger violence being inflicted on the humans.


This has to be a nigger. Nigletnapper throws a baby shitskin at the cops.

So this buck decided he wanted a pet niglet. Aforementioned buck decided that stealing one was the right way to go. However, the mammy saw it take her butt dumpling and called the police.

So the police arrive, and the gorilla throws the niglet at the cops.

Unfortunately, the cop caught it. He will live to regret that. In about 10 years, they will meet again, when that felon-to-be grows up into a felon-that-is.

Unfortunately, there are no names listed. Naturally, no race is listed either.

However, this happened in the 1500 block of South Pulaski Road in Chicago. A little research HERE shows this to be a totally nigger fuxated area.



Nigger Marcel Buggs at center of a Category 5 Chimpout in church

It is described as a “baby face” and an “aspiring rapper”,  and it shot 2 niggers in a church.

Unfortunately, none were made good.

This thing, this It, this useless nigger, was identified by witnesses as the shooter. That must mean that the witnesses were niggers also, since all niggers look alike to the human population.

According to the article, the stupid nog  “was seen prior to the shooting in a YouTube video waving a gun and rapping about violence coming to North Richmond rivals.” 

In fact, the dumbass named one of its victims in that video.

Niggers are dangerous. Niggers are stupid. Niggers are impulsive. Stupid +  impulsive = dangerous.