Niggers are a pestilence. They ruin everything.

The Roman Colosseum, built about 1920 years ago.

The Parthenon, built about 2400 years ago.

African architecture today. Not much better than a …

Termite mound

And when niggers move into a neighborhood, built and maintained by humans, this …

… is the end result.

And I defy any libtard white guilter to try to refute that. It’s all easily verifiable. All you need to do is go into the nearest city, look for a street named after “Dr.” martin luther king, and look around.

It is the lamestream medias job to convince you that what you see is not what you are looking at. They will do their very best to convince you that black is white, up is down, and left is right.


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  1. I totoally agree. Whenever someone gets something for nothing they’ll never treat it the way they would if they’d earned it.

  2. and they think we own them , Nigger if your ancestors weren’t brought here as slaves , 99% of you wouldnt be here and the 1% that figured out how to build a boat and swim over would quickly be returned due to fear of disease . you should be thanking us that OUR ancestors bought YOUR ancestors from niggers so you can be here living off taxes and gubbment and gettin all ur gibs muh dat, you stupid fucking niggers

  3. Frederick Christensen

    Niggers are the very lowest thing to be pulled out of cunt.Right now the ape shit creation NIGGERS are posturing around Ferguson Missouri raising hell,looting,screaming and of course stealing anything that they can get their ugly shit stained nigger mitts on.Apparently a police officer offed some Nigger dick and as a result the local chimps went ape shit big time.Niggers are oh so predictable.Had the roles been reversed the niggers would not even taken the time to wipe fired chicken grease off of their dirty black butts.I say congratulations police officer for killing that useless Groid piece of shit! One less nigger to focus on!Killing all Niggers should be our focus…terminating that filthy low life vermin race right on down to the last sheboon,niglet and buck.Remember the only good nigger is one that is decomposing and being eaten by white maggots.

    • Robert Cassinip

      You’re absolutely right on the money. I live in St. Louis and have watched these animal reduce this city into Detroit. The upper photo looks exactly like houses that were once beautiful here until the animals occupied them. They have totally ruined this town along with all the many cities throughout the U.S. What person with half a brain couldn’t see by just looking around, the destruction these pigs have done? I often think what a beautiful place the country would be if there were no nigs infesting it. The crime would be near nonexistent. I’m an old man now and I have seen very much happen in my time here, but there is one constant: the spooks have made absolutely NO PROGRESS since I was a kid. Now that’s about 60 years I’m talking. With the free housing, education, food stamps, welfare, affirmative action, section 8, and let’s not forget the dumbing down of tess for job placement…. Whew…. and still no better than years of coddling them. One just has to view them as hopeless, lazy, criminal, pieces of garbage.

  4. This is so true! Living surrounded by NIGGERS is the worst nightmare of my life in the past several years. After intense research on the internet about blacks, ghettos, thugs, uncountable crimes committed against the weak and the old by these filthy shits. I said to myself: These aren’t human. They, especially the young Negros, are so violent and lawless vile creatures. Enough is enough.

  5. I enjoy fucking white cave bitches & making half niggers babys destroying the white population 😁

    • fucktard! its half lol… and you admit YOU destroy ahah so basically you confirmed all that’s said here…
      niggers be niggering! not an IQ high enough to even know when youre killing your own self.
      why did god make you?
      he repented it says (numbers 11..) killed some of you for wanting free melons it says and free fried chicken (quail story)
      moses was suicidal in numbers 11 and said “why should I feed all these people if I didn’t conceive them?”
      so the half white half black baby is only HALF destroyed LOL
      and its the black half you ape!
      the white stays separate
      all you do is destroy your fried chicken supply.
      and go back to above mudd hut
      but with your 1 in 28 black male hiv rate… (and whites 1 in 880 less than one half of one percent) you are all already a dying breed even here inamerica (that’s American male negro hiv rate)
      black women have you beat.,only 1 in 48…
      cdc says because black bucks are bi and homo more ..take it up their…more … and so half almost double rate of his negro female counterpart
      you do it to yourselves
      no one is making you kill yourselves from hiv
      you just cant stop the negro sodomy ape behavior is all,so you deserve to die
      as self inflicted
      we whites gave you free pamphlets to read on how not to get hiv
      you must not be reading your free pamphlets!
      or you simply see another negro buck and pull your pants down not caring if you get hiv
      (its 1 in 2 for gay black male)50%
      worthless diseased nasty immoral born out of wedlock negress created daddy ebt card UNLOVED low IQ aborted demons!

      • Robert Cassinip

        Haha, see what I mean? Couldn’t even string a few words together for a complete (error free) sentence. That idiot makes our point for us. A dumb, uneducated ape.

    • Just another coonass go fuck yo mama u punkass bitch

  6. DEstro the white population and you destry yourself! WE are the only reason you have what you do! Take a look at it and you’ll see!

    What does a nigger and a tornado have in common?

    It only takes one to wreck an entire neighborhood!

  7. Jim Ship yea no kidding it takes just one nigger to destroy a whole neighborhood. what isn’t given to them at tax payer expense by the government they steal from others who work hard and budget their money for months maybe years to buy and in less than 5 minutes they steal it for their drug money and lazy low life ass…. They rape, rob and kill elderly white people and anyone they see as volunerable like single women or disabled people they commit more than 75% of all violent crime in the USA, there is a violent crime committed every 45 seconds in the USA due to the population of niggers…. Send them to concentration camps to be slaughtered like the animals they are and act like for the safety of the rest of society or back to Africa jungle they come from… They are not human and never can dwell civil in a civilized society safely around others….

  8. Holy Jobs aint that the truth…. they exploit people they think are weak to rape rob steal and kill even driving to white neighborhoods… My mother had guns until they day she died to protect herself from the thugs and shot heavy duty shot guns at 83 years old and would of shot any nigger that dared to come to her door and tried to break in….. And that is how you
    have to be heavily armed with loaded guns and ready to point and shoot fast, and have guard dogs, and pepper spray always until the niggers are gone and don’t come around ever again…. Some people they think are easy targets because they are elderly might get them shot had they dared to target my mother even at 83 years old she would have shot them dead and would have every right to do so according to the constitution and self defense laws
    and stand your ground laws…

  9. Oldrichwhiteman

    The talking monkeys make up 1/7 th of the U.S. population. They are responsible for more than 2/3 rds of all violent crimes in the U.S. need I say more? This too is whitey’s fault, I suppose. Muhdick!

  10. rather than giving them more and more options when they burn their bridges and leach off and curse the hosts let them fall and die off or go back to the continent their ancestors are from to their own people for help… you’ve attempted to domesticate animals that rob kill and destroy and risked the majority of peoples lives its time to admit it hasnt work and wont work and send them back to the jungles of Africa….

  11. I sell heroin and meth to white people to ruin their families. Its 100% effective.

    –The Nigger You Love to Hate

    • If whites and other valued races allowed you fucking human viruses control of this country we would be 3rd world in 5yrs or less. Niggers should be grateful that their ancestors were sold to us (by other niggers). Otherwise you would still be living in mud huts and dying of aids. Where else in the world would niggers make millions to catch footballs, and dunk basketballs. Otherwise you worthless piles of shit steal, rape, and take everything you can get your filthy hands on. I can’t wait until all the blind ignorant tolerant whites turn on you worthless fucks. You will starve! Just wait Tyrone….the takers (niggers) are starting to outnumber the makers (everyone else). What do you ignorant piles of shit think will happen. You monkeys think we are dumb, and weak. Lol. I assure you that it wont be much longer and the extermination will begin. I can’t hardly wait.

      • Ya it would be nice if the niggers were exterminated all the problems we have in the world no thanks to them would be gone if they were exterminated.

    • you sound so jealous and unloved.. this is what those born in lust to negresses do
      the white on heroine can repent and still has a soul
      but you stay a nigger forever
      a white on heroine is STILL better and more loved than a nigger
      face it nigger

  12. Pretty much that’s all niggers know how to do hell they beat there kids then there brats reproduce then we’re stuck being around more niggers it really sucks when there allowed in the nice neighborhoods it would be nice to boycott them lol

  13. You must be a Fil American

    Yeah I think we all should know by now blacks
    (“A.K.A. Niggers”) are a bunch of lying, delusional
    hallucinating, contradicting, hypocritical, fools
    and we all know considering these underdeveloped
    simian brain apes keep claiming. they’er the ones
    that created Math, Science, Astronomy
    since I’ve seen and I’m sure I wasn’t the
    only one that is in youtube an those.

    afro centric channels have blacks
    keep spouting and or spewing such
    nonsensical, drivel, dribble, trivial, menial
    garbage, tripe. claiming everything as theirs
    no one else’s, funny they say how smart
    they truly are intellectually. but when the spot
    light an or lime light shines upon them it’s time
    to show how an why there so smart in actuality
    their just displaying for the whole world how
    astronomically dumb and stupid not to mention
    retarded they truly are

    considering in a all black schools they fail
    at Math, English, Science, Astronomy. those
    three subjects the very same ones that these
    people claim that invented it are horrid an terrible
    and massively failing them. let’s not forget even
    on public schools they are flunking there to so
    these blacks that say an or claim they are smart
    or a wiz at something and of course another thing
    like white heart bleeding guilt ridden, black loving
    coddling, pampering, enabling, pandering, wiggering
    oil drilling, coal burning, and some conservatives
    will an would help them by making it look like
    the blacks you see on tv in commercials
    and movies an games their just using uncle
    toms or magic niggers and mystical negro’s
    to trick or pull the wool from in front of the entire
    audience into believing an seeing that a black person
    simulating a human being.

    most of them still can’t read and write an speak
    proper english the whole race an the ones that
    can are only a small minority or a fraction which
    is ultra super omega embarrassing since the white
    race and yellow race an brown ethnicity’s can. let’
    me also remind people that is on the internet and
    or outside the real world liberals would do anything
    to put black people in every job an career that there
    not qualified and skilled for by using affirmative action
    an remorse, empathetic, sympathetic towards them
    and telling the masses that they to can be “geniuses”
    showing videos an pictures of them doing math
    science, astronomy in stores and on the web’s
    to the audience using propaganda an make
    them think they’er just like quite a few of our
    people that have the greatest minds.

  14. Nobody can see it through their liberal brain washing, but there’s a reason certain countries are shit holes and others are not. Western civilisations built by Europeans and east Asian countries are the best and have always been the best. If it wasn’t for these two groups of people the rest of them wouldn’t even have the Internet to spew out their non arguments against these facts. Africans in particular have not only never contributed ANYTHING positive to society (there will be the argument for their shitty jungle music, but in fact that has led to promoting violence, promiscuity and drug use throughout all of their genres. Not to say European music has never done these things, but it’s not a contribution either way) they’ve actually done a huge amount to make things much worse. The niggers and their liberal worshipers will make emotional non arguments, but the fact is blacks in America alone are responsible for the majority of violent crime including rape. Because of their disgusting existence in Africa we’ve even been given the gift of aids. There is no victim here. Africa is a shit hole because of Africans. Same thing with Somalia, India, middle east etc. These people have lower iqs (fact), have terrible cultures and it’s insulting to the rest of the world that would otherwise live in relative peace in modern times without these animals.

    • “…it’s insulting to the rest of the world that would otherwise live in relative peace in modern times without these animals.”

      So America will suddenly Stop sending troops into other people’s countries? People in foreign countries will suddenly stop randomly bombing public venues? Israelites and Palestinians will suddenly get along? Mexicans will stop butchering their own people? Muslims will stop beheading, and stoning? White men in this country will stop committing murder-suicides, and raping women on college campuses, or keeping them as prisoners in their basements, or killing and dismembering them? White women will stop poisoning their husbands, or driving their kids into lakes, or sleeping with kids (That goes for the men, too)?

      Look, I’m no fan of my race these days (Which is why I’m here). I really HATE these retarded, self-proclaimed “Niggas,”, and how they seem to be growing in number. But let’s stop pretending that the world would be perfect if we weren’t in it. The world is, and probably always will be a disheveled mess. You people are always talking about how stupid we are, while acting like we’re the only race on Earth that sins, which is hilarious given our history in this country, and given your own nature.

      • niggers don’t repent
        whites do
        niggers even want to live off of the blessings of white repentance whilst still trying hard to make whites sin or reminding them of past sins
        niggers will always nigger
        go away
        stop breeding

  15. If we could please get together and build an nuclear weapon to detonate in the dark community. these fuckers ruin everything. please white Jesus hear my prey.

  16. Adolph Christ, was born along time ago and tried to rid the world of the subhuman scum. Please allow the birth and overlord of a supreme being to rid the human garbage out of the USA.

  17. Lets pray together” Oh white Jesus we rejoice in your righteousness and forsake the dark skinned subhuman for its evil and unwanted ways. Please destroy the scum that infiltrates our holly land of the USA. The black and dumb have no moral compass and foul up at every turn. Bury the stupid Chicago nigger and rid the green earth of their existence. Niggers ruin everything.

    • How moral is it to wish death on an entire race? And what about all the other evil people in the world, like pedophiles? You ask Jesus to forsake us for OUR evil ways, but we were forsaken the moment we were delivered to your evil, arrogant ancestors. You were our sheperds in this country. If we turned out foul, then that means you failed as hosts.

      • you claim we are your parents?
        youre feral to white folk?
        then why not submit and obey?
        why become the most immoral of all
        the heart isn’t for you nigtards anymore
        youre all little girls
        but with sodomy
        an abomination
        you are not our pets
        unless you behave and stop breeding

      • and by the way its very moral
        its the ONLY MORAL thing to do
        to save ourselves and our children
        because you just admitted to blaming us for how you turn out (worse than us) so that’s proof you need to all be offed for that mentality
        it means youre dangerous
        for blaming a race
        you get what you ask for
        with your judgement you are judged
        we were GOOD TO YOU
        and youre a nigger in return and blame us
        so you actually must die
        lying fucktard
        we don’t have hiv and out of wedlock births as you do so why are we responsible? your negress mother is and your sodomite homo father is
        we are ONLY to blame if we saw your behavior and didn’t sterilize you and you are our pets
        but that tactic doesn’t work anymore
        we just don’t want you at all
        youre mad that you were made as retards(conceived in nigger buck lust) but Isaiah 29 says you all torment a girl.. and he will atone for her and blow all enemies away as chaff
        she doesn’t conceive at all it says
        “as if the potter were thought to be like the clay!” it says “how you have turned things upside down! can the meal say to she who cooked it “she didn’t cook me”
        you are made the way you are made and torment it he just blows you all away as chaff…
        youre made different
        you just never got over it and decided to torment over it… Isaiah 29
        you may have been a little girls pets that got out of hand and she doesn’t want you anymore
        its prophecy
        virgin girls don’t want hiv homo pets
        don’t know who lied to you
        that’s disgusting!

    • amen and amen
      white mens ONLY hinderance so far (and blacks cling to her) is they need to also accept the white feminine divine as well…Christ and the feminine holy DAUGHTER of a white father she also exists
      and you need them both and this is done

    • I just meant as a test you have to “forgive her” and she becomes powerful as well
      white men think she is with niggers lol
      ive seen it all now
      she isn’t and never was
      its white mans job to ‘forgive’ even for what she would never do
      and get the show started
      niggers then fall by the wayside

  18. Niggers are what . The world calls the mud people fuckin all to hell.

  19. niggers don’t repent
    they also keep saying they are our pets yet they don’t obey us
    and I spay and neuter my pets or id be eaten out of house and home even by just two cats!
    so what would I do with a nigger?
    its not even a pleasant pet!
    feed it clothe it and let it rape us?
    animals are so much better
    and they are showing us that lately that their souls are better (dogs) and even farm animals showing us compassion and child like behavior and love!
    things niggers don’t show
    so as a result niggers are even killing animals lately
    they are useless if they cant love and can only sodomize and increase hiv and discomfort for all living things
    we have one choice and one option.
    nothing on earth is worse than a nigger
    they are worse with INTENT
    if it was just dumb id help it,such as a farm animal rescue.. that brings love and joy
    but they with intent are destroying all goodness
    that shouldn’t be allowed to self replicate (reproduce,but they self replicate like yeast)
    if they aren’t loved anymore its because theyre unloveable and that’s whites fault too,?
    we also have to make them love?
    basically they are an UNNatural occurrence that admit to it
    “without natural affection”
    many verses about them demons
    not sure why they breed unless its a yeast weapon to destroy host…..but the host wants to live and love:)
    its the yeast that doesn’t want to live! (so it destroys host so it can die) so lets just cut it off and answer its wishes,
    its BEGGING to die

  20. the only niggers that responded above said they wanted to kill whites.. or give them heroine etc…
    they are like spiritually aborted..abortions
    nephil means abortions and niggers abort 50% of their lust sperms… and keep on doing it
    they hate someone ..and that someone never even had to love them
    they are truly sick
    how can I hate someone for not loving me if they never had to love me or if im unloveable?
    they are totally retarded
    I think due to their sodomy loving they truly did originate from that “first choice hole” and are shitskin as a result and just hate that we all know it and will act accordingly to their nature of ‘birth’
    (developed from a poop parasite and grew a face and attached to a monkey)
    maybe some ancient arab demon wanted them for sodomy toys
    half of nigger men now wear lipstick and bend over in the street
    you cant tell one to be good
    he rebels even against that good statement!
    its not your child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we kept pitying the children of the negress indiscretion but she herself comes as a jealous demon for her spawns and wont let you love her indiscretions
    its not our fault

  21. belial gets isolated “on all sides and burned on the spot” that’s a verse
    belial is a black man
    and belial MEANS worthless
    when negroes turn to jesus then say he isnt for us he is for white man…
    then they go to islam
    and arabs hates niggers and allah hates them
    then they go to ….voodoodoo..well..
    then they go to.. gay and lesbian upholdings (their current baby daddy child )
    basically belial gets isolated on all sides and is left with his own immoral “religion” the one of niggering
    moses and the lord hated them too (numbers 11) moses asked to die rather than feed them and considered it a curse and moses did die in desert and they never entered any promised land! (due to niggers)
    moses even before he was suicidal and they were even trying to KILL Moses he said! “they are ready to stone me they want free food” moses actually pleaded with the lord on their behalf! moses said the lord wanted to HARM them nigger slaves! 9for complaining to go back to slavery for free melons it says …..and niggers are so dumb they say bible is their book and when I read that I agree LOL
    since whites and the lord and moses has something in common
    not wanting them
    so anyway moses said ,not because he CARED but because how it would “look” for the lord..”don’t kill them because then people will say “the lord only saved them from Egypt to slay them in the desert”
    that’s how INTOLERABLE they were to the Lord and to Moses!
    and to us now
    nothing changed!!!
    moses said he had to be a mother to them and they are feral
    he asked why do I have to be as a woman with them?
    it does say that
    no one can love a grow nigger buck
    as a mother
    its impossible
    they are not childlike
    as Jesus says you MUST be to enter heaven
    that’s why they say they hate Jesus now cuz they love porn and negress dump spots and killing their children
    nimrod is also known as a black man (nimcomPOOP comes from nimrod/not intelligent) and he is associated with abortions
    they want sex not love or children
    its why they are handed over to arabs and sodomy to each other and hiv
    because that is NOT GODS plan for life and happiness
    the nigger is NOT compatible with Holiness
    and you cant make him Holy as that’s an abomination (because an innocent white child would pay for their sins?? no way)
    just lower their iq back down to 60 and let them work the fields with their melanin
    even though our farm machines do the work of 100 black men in 1 day remote control while we sit inside and sip iced tea
    they are looking for purpose and I do not permit arabs to rape animals. that’s evil even if the niggers do like it
    so let them do something .. worthwhile but NOT breed
    they wont face that they are evil and repent… so…
    what to do with them?
    let them speak English to us about ourselves lol
    we never needed a narration

  22. The Truth Was Said

    They’re taking all the white trashy women as well.

  23. Black lives matter, but black lives are not important.

  24. The primitive nigger uses only its reptile brain to go through life. They ( the nigger ) mostly are hundreds and even thousands of years behind their white superiors. They are a burden to Chicago and the taxpayers Chicago and its political left must be destroyed including the jew pig Rahm Emanuel. Break out the long gun to rid this country of these evildoers. The dirty jew Rahm want Chicago to be a sanctuary so to exploit in elections using voter fraud. Wake up and see the evil political left, designed to keep you down.

  25. Robert Cassini

    Great visual illustration. Yes I lived in St. Louis for many years and the picture of that mansion looked very familiar to me and how much those stupid spades destroy everything they come in contact with. I’m 71 years old and I have seen my fair share of life. The NIH is in a completely different world. It’s no accident that as you drive into an area you can see where the whites stop and the bugs begin. I’ve watched those infant since the late 50’s and early 60’s and I can say unequivocally that the nigs have made zero progress as a race. Now I’m not talking about their progress with section 8 housing, food stamps, free education, affirmative action, the extreme dumbing down of tests, etc.etc. I’m talking about character development and mind expansion. FAIL. See this is something that can’t be handed to them like all the things I listed above. The fools are so extremely stupid and crime ridden that I see no redemption for these morons. So let them continue to recite their X rated nursery rhymes all the while believe that somehow that equates with talent. There’s so much more I intended to write but their not worth the time I have already spent describing these braindead animalistic wasted

  26. lol. talking shit never solves issues. do something. MAN THE FUCK UP. so we can put your pussy ass down..

  27. My wife shot 3 niggers dead breaking into our home. I love her so much! Police thanked her!

  28. Niggermania is running wild these days.

  29. They’re even taking all the white filthy whore women from us white men too which they can certainly have those low life filthy pigs anyway.

  30. Here is what I fail to understand. Why do white people allow their children to breed with these fucking apes ? You see it everywhere now. Its like an epidemic. Our children are being taught by Hollywood that these niggers are just like them. And that they SHOULD date them. It almost makes a white woman a hero to date one in the eyes of HOLLYWOOD. For years these nigger lovers were shunned and shamed. Its up to the families to teach their children that this behavior is immoral, wrong and should NOT be tolerated. Shun them, tell them they cannot come to your homes. You think I’d let a fucking nigger walk into my house ??? Hell no. And there’s no such thing as mixed. I hate the word mixed. If it has nigger blood in it then its a fucking nigger. And every bit as fit for the back end of a rifle as the rest of them. The problem in this country is we tolerate way too much shit from the nasty ass apes. Enough already. I had a very nice house. Niggers built next to me. I moved. The niggress told me that she wanted to buy my house, but the previous owners wouldn’t sell to her bc of her race. So in an act of rebellion she bought the land across the street and built. Then had a family member buy another lot and build. And thats a nigger for ya. Tell them they are not wanted somewhere and thats the first place they will go !!!! Why do we put up with it ? Hasn’t America had enough ?

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